How we work

Every project we make is different and it requires an individual approach but there are elements of the process that we always use. We also understand that we need to speak the language of aesthetics, technology and market so that our projects has been brought to life and function well for users and manufacturers.


We explore markets, technological opportunities and trends by visiting important trade fairs, searching information, asking questions and observe.

If we are not looking for new ways we start moving backwards.


Nothing can really substitute sketching on paper. For us it’s not only a tool to search solutions, shapes or a character of an object. Drawing is also our passion and form of meditation.

Scaled models

In conceptual stage of design process we build scaled models. It’s our way to make a first material contact with project. This simple form gives answers for first questions.

Building prototypes

We build prototypes to test solutions, refine details and ergonomy of project.

That’s the way how we get to know with materials and technologies.

Advanced 3D modeling

Using advanced 3D modeling tools gives us the opportunity to more precisely prepare the projects. Consequently, it speeds up and facilitates the process of communication with the production department.

Detailed documentation

We do everything we can to make our designs readable and understandable.

The most important for us is good communication with people we work with.